Class of 2010, the smartest class ever, moves in Friday with help of Manresa move-crew

This year's class of 822 students is larger and more diverse than last year | August 25, 2006

Students and staff donned fluorescent green T-shirts—one student even sported lime green transparent shoes to match—and descended upon the cars of incoming freshmen and their families as they arrived from as close as down the block or as far away as Minnesota.

True to yearly tradition, the move-crew carried students’ belongings from the cars to their dorm rooms in Brockman, Kuhlman, Buenger and Husman halls, occasionally dancing to the tunes that blared from strategically placed stereo systems.

One dad was seen embarrassing his student by attempting a few dance moves himself.

"Your Time, Your Life, Your Mix" was the theme for the day as members of the University’s Class of 2010 moved into their new on-campus homes. A little more than 90 percent of this year’s first-year students are living on campus.

The class of 822 students is larger than last year’s class of 775, which fell a little short of the goal. About 5,500 students applied for admission for fall 2006.

The class continues the freshman trend as the smartest class in Xavier history. The average high school grade point average is 3.63, compared to 3.60 last year, which was up from 3.57 in 2004. Nearly 34 percent of the class ranks in the top 10 percent of their high school graduating classes, with 90 percent the class ranking in the top 50 percent of their respective high school classes. And the middle 50 percent of the entering class scored between 1070 and 1280 on the SAT.

The students are diverse in many ways. A little more than 47 percent are from outside Ohio and represent 34 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and 10 countries including Germany, Trinidad and Tobago, Ireland, Argentina, Ghana, Colombia, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Canada and Senegal.

The class is 44 percent male and 56 percent female, and 19 percent are of a minority population—another continuing increase.

After they move in on Friday, the new Xavier freshmen spend the next several days in an orientation program called Manresa, which refers to a town in Spain where St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the religious order of Jesuits, took time to reflect on his life. This parallels the process of reflection new students experience as they begin their college careers.

Manresa offers students a variety of activities to help prepare them for the challenges of the years ahead. They attend workshops on topics such as getting organized, taking risks, community service and how to deal with peer pressure.

Many of the freshmen already know each other and about life at Xavier after they were introduced to Xavier’s accepted student web site. Launched this year, the web site allows accepted students to chat with each other, ask questions of current students and find out details on such topics as financial aid. Parents of accepted students can also log into a special site for parents.

The Class of 2010 is also getting acquainted with Xavier through a special web portal. Through this portal, the new students see the same information and announcements that current students see as well as important details about beginning their Xavier academic careers.

Classes begin at 4:00 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 28, with the first full day of classes on Tuesday, Aug. 29. Xavier’s total enrollment for the year is expected to be 6,346—3,793 undergraduates and 2,553 graduates.