Modern Languages Graduates Work Overseas

Working and living abroad is goal for many students | August 22, 2006

We know that language study prepares students for a wide variety of careers. Often, these occupations take students down paths that lead throughout the world. The Department of Modern Languages has received news from recent graduates who have secured positions outside of the United States. As we prepare to welcome students to campus for the fall semester, we're glad to remember a few faces from the past. We never can predict where our students will go!

Emily McQuiston (Spanish ‘05, Indianapolis) is living in Heredia, Costa Rica. She teaches at the Interlingua Language Academy, with a mixture of group and private classes. Also, she is pursuing a certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language through an on-line program.

Lindsay Simmons (French ‘06, Naperville, IL) has spent the summer with the Institute for Reading Development in Washington, DC, teaching reading to children and adults. She will leave in late September for Amiens, where she will work in the Assistants in France program sponsored by the French Ministry of Education.

Sadie Taylor (French ‘06, Worthington, OH) will soon move to Rambouillet, outside of Paris, to work as an au pair. She also will take French classes in preparation for the DALF/DELF.

Lauran Benjamin (French '06, Columbus, IN) is living in Kothrud, Pune in India, working in the Leadership Excellence and Community Involvement departments of Human Resources with Cummins India Ltd.