University partners with PBS station to offer on-demand media service

Xavier providing content to; first video scheduled on site is look at University's 175th anniversary | April 1, 2006

CET, the first licensed educational television station in the country, recently announced, the first community-based PBS station Internet service that features exclusive on-demand videos. New video is added often with the majority of content archived, creating a searchable program library. The University is partnering with to provide content. The first Xavier video scheduled to be on the site is a look at the University’s 175th anniversary.

“We developed to respond to our viewers’ desire for broader and deeper local programming that is available 24/7," says Susan Howarth, president and CEO of CET. "We best serve our community by keeping not just abreast of but ahead of the evolving media environment.” provides exclusive expanded local content such as guest lectures at local universities and libraries, weekly local business news and cultural programs, and extended interviews with leaders in the arts, education, business and government. Local organizations such as Xavier, the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, the Mercantile Library, the Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati Museum Center, and many more, are collaborating on content.