University honors trustees for stepping up to plate

Bob Castellini receives surprise commendation during board meeting | February 23, 2006

Robert Castellini, a member of the University's board of trustees since 1993, and principal owner of the Cincinnati Reds since Jan. 19, is rarely surprised. But at the Feb. 17 board meeting, Castellini was thrown a curve ball when University President Michael J. Graham, S.J., announced the need for a special commendation and then invited Castellini to the front of the room.

Under a veiled easel was a proclamation, unveiled and read by Graham as Castellini looked on.

“For more than 100 years, the city of Cincinnati and its residents have been blessed with the presence of two great and historic institutions—Xavier University and the Cincinnati Reds. Both organizations have individually moved the city forward in ways both innumerable and invaluable. Today, we recognize and rejoice in knowing that the leadership and future of these two great organizations have come together in Bob Castellini, the newest owner of the Cincinnati Reds and longtime member of the Xavier University board of trustees. Together, both the Reds and Xavier are in good hands and their future will remain bright for Cincinnati and its people.”

After a round of applause and a humble thank you to his colleagues, Castellini returned to his seat to get back to business.

Tom Williams, another board member and co-owner of the Reds, also had a plaque created in his honor, but was unable to make the meeting.