Congratulations to the newly elected APAGS officers

2005-2006 APAGS Officers | November 1, 2005

President: Brandon Dennis
Executive VP: Ben Jurek

VP Finance: Barb Beimisch
VP Communications: Christine Muller
VP Social: Matt McCann
VP Recruitment: Jaime Stovering
VP Advocacy: Ashley Neu
VP Diversity Affairs: Tracey King

Alumni Liaison: Billy Kalush
OPA Liaison: Lonnie Bradford
APA Liaison: Laura Bumberry

1st Year Clinical Liaisons: Julie Tiemeier and Nicole Williams
2nd Year Clinical Liaison: Anya Froelich
Adv. Clinical Liaison: Melissa Buchholz
1st Year I/O Liaison: Laura Rischmann
2nd Year I/O Liaison: Trisha Lanch
I/O/E Member-at-large: Kristin Dale