Norwood housing ordinance impacts off-campus students

No more than four unrelated people may reside in rental unit at one time | October 26, 2005

The City of Norwood has put into effect a housing ordinance that may affect students seeking housing for the 2006-2007 academic year. The ordinance mandates that no more than four unrelated people may reside in a rental unit at one time. Furthermore, every rental unit must be certified by the City of Norwood.

"Adherence to this city ordinance is to assure that safety standards are maintained for the protection of residents living in rental units," wrote Luther Smith, assistant vice president for student development and dean of students, in a letter to parents.

Rental units cannot be sublet or rented to additional students if the resulting number of residents is more than four. Owners who fail to comply with the ordinance will be cited to court and residents evicted from the property within three to four hours.

The University is working with the City of Norwood to address off-campus student housing safety concerns. All unsafe living conditions should be reported to the City of Norwood Building Department at 513 458-4510.