ACE Fellow returns after year-long fellowship

Marketing professor Tom Hayes learns new leadership, communication styles | August 30, 2005

As an ACE fellow, marketing professor Tom Hayes spent a year working with the president of Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, learning leadership styles and the activities of higher education administration. Hayes also attended three week-long seminars focusing on the challenges of higher education.

“The fellowship was a tremendous learning experience, the most interesting year of my academic life, and a true blessing to be granted the opportunity,” says Hayes.

Furthermore, he says that the three most important things he learned were different leadership styles for different situations, the need to have constant communication and the importance of having a strategic plan.

With this new knowledge, Hayes is facilitating a strategic planning conference, Sept. 18-20, at the Schiff Family Conference Center for the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities. Representatives from most of the 28 Jesuit universities are attending.

Hayes was one of 35 ACE Fellows chosen by the American Council on Education and was selected from over 300 applications and 50 interviewees. He is currently in his 30th year at Xavier.