Supervisor gears up to meet incoming freshman class

Leah Busam settles into new role, reveals new aspects of Manresa | July 22, 2005

For Leah Busam, serving on Manresa Core as a junior in 1999 was fun, hard work. She never imagined working with the freshman orientation program would help her career. But it has. Busam was recently hired as the coordinator for leadership and orientation, a role that plunges her right back into Manresa.

“To be in an administrative role is interesting, having been on the student side of Core,” Busam says. “But I think that has helped me step into this position. I supervise Core, edit their work and help them brainstorm. What’s great about Manresa is that the heart of the program stays the same, so I can focus on getting to know the students and bringing Manresa to a new group of people.”

Busam takes over her duties this fall. She is overseeing Manresa's core team members. Other job duties include running the peer leadership team and working as a career counselor, focusing on internship placement. Busam graduated from Xavier in 2001 and then took a year off to serve with AmeriCorp. She attended graduate school at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio, but was soon lured back to her alma mater.

“Working with Miami’s freshman orientation process was much different than being at Xavier,” Busam says. “And, truthfully, I enjoy both programs. But there is just something about Manresa. It is a quality program that prepares all new students and ushers in the beginning of the year.”

The new semester brings with it some changes as well. This year, there is no parent fee for the newly shortened parent program, which only lasts one day instead of two. There are also more interactive programs for commuter and transfer students, such as panel discussion groups, tours around the Gallagher Student Center and special receptions. And there are no programs for siblings, encouraging parents to spend the day with their college-bound child and to attend parent-centered discussion groups and presentations.

Busam and the Manresa team feel that these changes help highlight the most important feature of Manresa: welcoming new students. “Manresa really spells out the core beliefs of Xavier for the new students," Busam says. "It is a combination of fun/social activities, a learning, academic process and also a first look into the Jesuit tradition. I am really happy to be back.”

Manresa begins Friday, August 19. More information is available online.