Science faculty get "publicly humiliated" for good cause

Health honor fraternity raises more than $1,500 for Catholic Social Services' refugee resettlement fund | April 25, 2005

Members of the Xavier chapter of Alpha Epsilon Delta, the pre-professional health honor fraternity, recently raised more than $1,500 for Catholic Social Services' African refugee resettlement program with the help of several science faculty who volunteered to be “publicly humiliated” based on the amount raised.

Chemistry chair Daniel McLoughlin agreed to have his head shaved if biology students raised more than chemistry students. In return, biology chair Carolyn Chambers agreed to tape herself to a wall if the converse occurred. Other science faculty, including biology lab instructor Neema Nourian, associate biology professor Dottie Engle, biology instructor Jennifer Robbins and assistant chemistry professor Isam Marawi, volunteered to take a cream pie in the face if students met their $1,000 goal.

Students set up tables around campus for about 10 days to collect donations and sell snacks. Since biology came out victorious, McLoughlin was subjected to a public head shaving that took place outside between the biology and chemistry buildings. Passersby soon gathered to watch as students lopped off McLoughlin's long, white hair and pelted the other professors with pies.

"This year’s fundraiser was a success because of the hard work people put in, as in the past, but this year was special because of the fun atmosphere surrounding the fundraising, which we owe to our professors,” says Laura Thoman, the fraternity's president.