2004-2005 Graduate Awards

Awards presented at Graduate Student Meeting April 1, 2005 | April 25, 2005

Bieliauskas Thesis of the Year: Kelli Edelen
“The Relationship between OCB’s and Organizational Justice”

Bieliauskas Dissertation of the Year: Dr. Johnna Devoto
“Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson’s Disease: The Effect on Cognition, Mood, and Functional Status”

Bieliauskas Academic Award-M.A.: Christine Ehrbar

Kronenberger Award: Lindsay Harris

Quatman Award for Excellence in Statistics: Kathleen Campbell and Megan Kruty

Mentoring and Scholarship Project Chair Award

Dr. Cynthia Dulaney & Amber Valentino
“Selection-based vs. Typography-based Verbal Behavior in Production of Vocalized Mands in Developmentally Disabled Children with Severe Language Delay”