World-renowned environmental leader speaks on campus

Vandana Shiva discusses the environment, globalization and U.S. foreign policy as part of the E/RS lecture series | April 8, 2005

Vandana Shiva, world renowned environmental leader and director of the Research Foundation on Science, Technology and Ecology, spoke at Xavier on Tuesday, April 19, at 7:00 p.m. at the Schiff Family Conference Center.

Shiva spoke on “The Environment, Globalization and U.S. Foreign Policy.” Her presentation was part of the University’s 2004-2005 ethics, religion and society (E/RS) lecture series.

In 1982, Shiva founded the independent Research Foundation for Science, Technology and Ecology institute in Dehra Dun. It is dedicated to high quality and independent research to address the significant ecological and social issues in close partnership with local communities and social movements. Shiva has been a visiting professor and lectured at universities around the world on the topics of environment, feminism and economic development.

Besides her academic and research contributions, Shiva has also served as an adviser to governments in India and abroad as well as to non-governmental organizations such as the International Forum on Globalization, Women’s Environment & Development Organization and the Third World Network.

The Edward B. Brueggeman center for dialogue co-sponsored this event. The theme for this year’s E/RS lecture series was “Ethics and U.S. Foreign Policy.”