University hosts Holocaust Awareness events on Feb. 9

Displays include art exhibits, books, interactive mural, scrapbooks and liberation films | February 3, 2005

Xavier's student activities council (SAC) sponsored Holocaust Awareness on Wednesday, Feb. 9, 11:00 a.m.-3:00 p.m., at the Gallagher Student Center.

This was the first year SAC has sponsored the event, which included an art exhibit, books, scrapbooks, an interactive critical-thinking children’s mural and a liberation film about the Holocaust.

The art exhibit, From the Children for the Children: Art of the Holocaust, was on loan from The Center for Holocaust and Humanity Education at Hebrew Union College. Composed of 14 large panels, the exhibit was a collection of children’s artwork and poetry from the Holocaust, which encourages audience response.

SAC also collaborated with the Center to make an interactive mural. Pictures provided by the Center accompanied critical-thinking questions composed by SAC members and a blank area. The public was free to respond to the questions or otherwise express their thoughts and feelings by writing on the walls.

The liberation film, Nazi Concentration Camps: Witness to Genocide, is an hour-long documentary produced by the United States government to expose the atrocities found at death camps and concentration camps across Europe upon liberation. Using actual footage and sworn, eyewitness testimony, the film leaves no doubt in the viewer’s mind as to the reality and immensity of the Holocaust.