Xavier courses receive grants to invest in community

Since its inception, students and faculty have invested more than $50,000 in the Greater Cincinnati community | December 7, 2004

Four Xavier courses will receive philanthropy grants for the 2005 spring semester to be “invested” in one or more community-based organizations working within the subject area of the course. Students and their instructor determine the goals of their investment strategy based on the learning objectives of the course, an assessment of related community needs and an evaluation of organizations working to meet those needs.

The grant award is for $4,000. The students work together to determine how to invest the funds.

The spring 2005 philanthropy grants will be awarded to:

  • George Farnsworth, biology: Environmental Studies Seminar

  • Heather Gallew, occupational therapy: Occupational Justice

  • Irene Hodgson, modern languages: Spanish Translation and Interpretation

  • Melody D’Ambrosio, education: Language Arts/Social Studies–Early Childhood

At the conclusion of the semester, participating faculty and students will conduct an awards presentation for community organizations receiving the grants.

This is the third year for the program, which is spearheaded by philanthropist Roger Grein. Since its inception, Xavier faculty and students participating in the philanthropy program have awarded more than $50,000 to organizations and agencies in the Greater Cincinnati community.

Grein recognizes the analytical and practical experience that can be gained from students performing “hands-on” philanthropy. Grein challenges Xavier to offer philanthropy grants across all academic disciplines, allowing each instructor to tailor the award to meet his or her course objectives while engaging their students through the philanthropy exercise.