Students provide consulting for non-profits

Students work on agency projects to reinforce principles discussed in class and serve the community | December 2, 2004

M.B.A. students in Hugh Woodward’s management class do more than sketch out project plans on paper. The students partner with a non-profit organization and provide consulting services. They will present their plans tonight, Dec. 2, at 6:00 p.m. in Albers Hall, Room 103.

Some of the organizations and projects include:

  • Holy Name Roman Catholic Parish

    Project: Create an ongoing structure to raise funds

  • St. Andrew Catholic Church

    Project: Create an ongoing structure to achieve sustainability

  • St. Mark Catholic Church

    Project: Create a plan for parish development

  • Women's Crisis Center

    Project: Develop a staffing plan

  • Cincinnati Early Learning Center

    Project: Develop a facilities plan

While the development of consulting skills may be a major product of this experience, the byproduct is the greater good that is served by the service to non-profit. The course has a way of integrating the needs of the students with both the needs of local non-profit agencies and the local chapter of the Project Management Institute.

The students work on projects for the agencies to reinforce the principles discussed in class, and simultaneously compete for recognition by the chapter. They benefit by being able to participate in experiential learning. The agencies benefit by receiving pro bono assistance to solve important problems. And the chapter benefits from the opportunity to promote project management as a discipline.

In the end, students are not only given the opportunity to work on their consulting skills but they’ve also been exposed to the reward one may experience by working with a non-profit organization. One student even commented that he would most likely continue his experience after the course concludes in December.

MGMT 954: Project Management was developed by professor of management Timothy Kloppenborg and has been offered to M.B.A. students regularly each fall term since 1999. The mission of the course is to provide students “hands-on” consulting experience while achieving Xavier’s mission of service to non-profit organizations.