Professor gives home schooling new definition

Irene Hodgson takes her 24-hour teaching lifestyle to a new level by moving in with students | January 4, 2003

Like a good neighbor, Irene Hodgson is there for her students. Literally. The modern languages professor, who’s been at the University 16 years and was the 2001 teacher of the year, began what the University is hoping to be a new program by moving into a student apartment building at the beginning of the academic year. Hodgson signed a two-year lease with the office of residence life and moved into The Commons, a student apartment building across from the Cintas Center. Living among the students was her idea as a means of taking her 24-hour teaching philosophy to a new level, she explains in a web exclusive story on the Xavier magazine web site. "It's important to be integrated with students,” she says. “It is part of the mission of the University and the peace I have within myself in everything I do.”