Alumni ALL Card unveiled

University mails 29,000 cards to former undergraduates who receive discounts for the bookstore, athletic events and on-campus dining | November 1, 2004

Soon alumni will like being “carded,” thanks to the unique alumni ALL Card. Not only do alumni receive discounts from national retailers but, unlike other alumni cards, they have access to on-campus services. The office of alumni and parent relations mailed 29,000 cards to former undergraduates last week.

The card resembles the one currently used by Xavier students for identification, but without a photo. Not only is the card free, but it gives alumni access to the Xavier library and offers discounts for the bookstore, athletic events, O’Connor Sports Center memberships and on-campus dining.

Alumni can also flash the card for a host of other benefits, including discounts on national services, from auto insurance and Internet hookups to movie tickets and gift certificates. The ALL Card also acts as an ATM card for U.S. Bank members.

“This is unique in the marketplace,” said Joe Ventura, executive director for the national alumni association. “So putting this card into the hands of our alumni will provide real value.”

Tom Barlow, director for the office of auxiliary services, designed the student ALL Card 11 years ago. Since then, the card has won national awards and people from as far as Russia have come to Xavier to study the idea and its application. Barlow worked closely with Ventura in making the alumni ALL Card a reality.

“This is a great natural fit for the alumni program,” Barlow said. “It’s an ever living product and truly one of the best billboards Xavier has.”

The ALL Card is in partnership with corporate sponsors, U.S. Bank, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Cincinnati Bell Telephone. For more information, please log onto