Student launches club to spark patriotism on campus

Sophomore Alex Kenney, who helped bring MTV's Rock the Vote to campus, promotes patriotism in the student body | November 1, 2004

University students are getting an opportunity to express their pride in America thanks to a newly formed student organization, University Patriots.

The club, founded by sophomore and club president, Alex Kenney, aims “to assess and expand upon its members’ sense of patriotism and to promote American patriotism in the student body.”

Kenney, who is from Clarksville, Ind, came up with the idea of University Patriots after he was asked to resign from the Army ROTC.

“It had been my dream for quite some time to serve in the United States Army, as a way to show my American patriotism,” Kenney said. “I joined ROTC at Xavier my freshman year, but was asked to resign from the program after I was informed that a minor medical condition would prevent me from being commissioned as an officer when I graduate. At that time, I, being a very patriotic American, had no way to channel my patriotism.”

So Kenney formed the club, which is non-partisan.

“Everyone expresses their patriotism in different ways,” he says. “Being non-partisan encourages everyone to join.” Kenney says club members already include Democrats, Republicans and even a Socialist.

Kenney and University Patriots were instrumental in bringing MTV’s Rock the Vote to campus earlier this month. The group is also working to promote voter registration and awareness of the upcoming presidential election. Long-term goals include placing a flag pole on the campus green space and starting a patriotic film series.

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