Psychology Spotlight for Sept. 30, 2004

Highlights of Xavier psychology graduate students | September 30, 2004

  • Trisha Marik, a Psy.D. student, and Dr. Debra Mooney, Xavier’s Director of Ignatian Programs, compiled “Cura What!,” which “demonstrates how many of the values and characteristics of the Jesuit tradition can be, and already are, lived in the daily lives of typical students.”

  • Psy.D. students Giselle Johnson, Rebecca Pershing and Dan Judge contributed to “A Review of the APA’s Guidelines for Psychotherapy with Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual Clients” by Dr. Jenny O’Donnell, a graduate of Xavier’s first Psy.D. class. Pershing described the project as “a diversity initiative that will benefit psychologists for years to come.”

Grad Student Research Day Award Winners

  • Melissa Beaudoin, Ashley Darling, Heather Johnson, Stephanie Sabyan, & Clara Schroeder and for “A Little Give and Take: A Comparison of Positive Reinforcement and Response Cost Token Economics” advised by Dr. Mike Nelson.

When asked to reflect upon their research experiences, there was a definite theme in responses: GET INVOLVED GRAD STUDENTS!

  • Jim Gedra deemed his presentation a valuable preparation for future, larger conferences

  • Ashley Darling said the research fair was “a supportive stage to practice professional presentation skills, as well as a means of receiving useful feedback about our project.”

  • Stephanie Sabyan commented, “I’ll definitely do it again next year…I was really proud to stand up in front of our poster and talk about the work we were doing in the community."