Psi Chi/Psych Club first meeting is a success

All undergraduate psychology majors encouraged to participate | September 28, 2004

Attention undergraduate psychology majors:

The first meeting of the Psi Chi/Psych Club was held Sept. 28. If you missed it, be sure to contact us about the next meeting, where you'll be able to meet club advisors Dr. Christian End and Dr. Morrell Mullins.

At this meeting, attendees discussed what they would like to see out of the club, and the advisors discussed what they already have planned, including a series of brown bag lunches (two to three over the year), a career night in the spring, and a session or two on the graduate school application process in October. Other than those plans, things are up in the air, so your participation as an undergraduate psychology major is important.

We're looking forward to the year.

Please feel free to contact us with ideas, questions or information about the next meeting:

Dr. Morrell Mullins
Phone 513 745-3170
Office 208 Elet Hall

Dr. Christian End
Phone 513 745-3249
Office 214 Elet Hall