ROTC wins highest award in region

Battalion awarded for excellence in production and quality training | December 18, 2002

The University’s ROTC battalion has been awarded the Cadet Command–Douglas MacArthur Award for its outstanding excellence in production and quality training. The award is given in three categories—small, medium and large schools—and was presented at the second ROTC Region Commander’s Conference in Nashville, Tenn. The award was given to Xavier’s All For One Battalion as part of the large school category for the 2000-2001 school year. The battalion received MacArthur awards for best region previously in 1991,1994 and 1995 as well as best cadet command and region in 1996. "It's like winning the NCAA national football championship," says Timothy Gobin, professor of military science. "These awards speak volumes about the ROTC battalion and the quality of commissioned officers this University is producing to then go and serve our nation." In addition, the battalion received the most valuable program award for meeting its set mission of commissioning quality second lieutenants during the 2001-2002 academic year. The battalion was one of 32 schools to receive the award in the second region, which has 88 schools.