Revived Xavier radio club looking for new members

Alumni from the 1960s and 1970s reunite more than 20 years later to operate call sign K8XXU and share memories | August 5, 2004

Xavier’s radio club is back on the air thanks to alumni and former members from the 1960s and 1970s. And they’re looking for new members who want to learn or practice their radio skills.

“We'd like to get in contact with anyone in the Xavier community who is a ham or would like to become one,” said Jim Barrie, Class of 1970.

Just over a year ago, the FCC granted the club the call sign, K8XXU. With its new call sign, the club operated in its first official capacity during the American Radio Relay League Field Day in June 2003.

The club was originally organized in the late 1950s by ROTC students and aptly named the Xavier University ROTC Radio Club. At that time, the club’s primary purpose was to operate as a military affiliate radio system station.

The radio club continued to serve the University community until 1979, when vandals broke into the club’s on-campus station and stole most of the equipment. The club closed shortly after that.

But over the years, Barrie and other former members kept in touch. Two years ago they decided to form the Xavier University alumni radio club and applied for a license.

The club is open for membership to current or former Xavier University students, faculty or staff who have an interest in amateur radio. You don’t need to be a currently licensed operator to join.

For more information, please log on to the club’s web site at