University welcomes 11 nursing students from the Philippines

Department of nursing educates graduate students to combat shortages in health care staffing | August 1, 2004

Xavier is helping improve healthcare in impoverished countries by educating Filipino nurses who will eventually bring their newly-learned skills back home. On Aug. 3, the University will welcome at least 11 nurses from the Philippines who have enrolled in the department of nursing’s graduate program through the Global Scholarship Alliance (GSA).

In exchange for tuition, the nurses must return home to either work in a hospital or teach nursing for the next two years, providing quality care to a country suffering from health care staffing shortages.

"The Filipino nurses who already have an earned bachelor's degree will bring outstanding nursing skills and a gracious culture to Xavier's classrooms," said Susan Schmidt, department of nursing chair.  

While attending school, the nurses will work part time as staff nurses with TriHealth in Cincinnati. After graduation, they must fulfill a full-time, 18-month work commitment with TriHealth before returning to the Philippines.

University-sponsored orientations and cultural workshops and members of Cincinnati’s large Filipino community will help transition the nurses to American life. They will live in apartments set up through GSA and go to school year-round.

For more information, visit the GSA web site or Xavier’s web site. For a related story, vist Xavier Magazine online.