More comments from Father Hoff

Former University president and chancellor speaks on his mission, retirement and the Cintas Center | July 23, 2004

On Xavier’s mission
“My vision for Xavier is simple. What I want most of all is that a Xavier education be of such quality that each and every graduate will say: ‘I received an absolutely superb education at Xavier. I could not have received a finer education anywhere in the world.’ I want every Xavier graduate to say: ‘I know that I am intellectually, spiritually and morally prepared to take my place in a rapidly changing global society and to have a positive impact on that society-to live a life beyond myself for other people.’”

On renovating the West Row
“Our first priority of Xavier 2000 was to complete the academic buildings on what we refer to as the West Row, the academic mall. Those buildings, the original buildings on this campus, had not been touched in 70 years. Our first responsibility and opportunity was to renovate Hinkle Hall, Schmidt Hall and Edgecliff Hall, formerly called Alumni Hall. And that was very important. That’s been done.”
From his retirement speech, 2000

On the Cintas Center
“I’m sure the project which will have the greatest impact on life at the University will be the Cintas Center, for the simple reason the students will be eating there three times a day. So the Cintas Center will be a living room. We will demolish our present University Center this summer and build the Gallagher Student Center and that will indeed be a signature building on our campus. That will be marvelous. And at the same time, we are in the process of having built for us a student residence apartment building on our campus as well.”
From his retirement speech, 2000

On looking back
“When I look back on my years at Xavier beginning with my first interview in the fall of 1990 . . . I am filled with gratitude. I’ve never been more grateful in all my life and I realize that I’ve been part of a great decade in the University’s history.”
From his retirement speech, 2000

On the timing of his retirement
“In my mind there are natural cycles in University administration consisting of long-range strategic planning followed by development campaigns and then the implementation of the strategic plans. A new cycle of planning, development, implementation must now commence to further advance Xavier as a Jesuit, Catholic university so that Xavier can more effectively realize its mission of preparing young men and women intellectually, morally and spiritually to take their places in a rapidly changing global society with a desire to work for the betterment of that society. I believe a new president should lead this new cycle of planning, development, campaign and then implementation.”
From his retirement speech, 2000

On retirement
“Jesuits retire for three reasons. You’re physically incompetent; you’re mentally incompetent—some people wonder about me already—or you die. Otherwise you keep working. So I will keep working. Now if the Jesuits change their rules . . .”
From his retirement speech, 2000