Science departments receive $2.5 million endowment

Xavier graduate and former English major Robert Borcer bequeaths funds in his will | June 25, 2004

Xavier’s science departments are getting an early Christmas gift. Almost a year ago, alumni Robert C. Borcer died at the age of 90, leaving the University $2.5 million. He graduated in 1968 with a master's in English.

John Scahill, Borcer’s attorney, notified Xavier of Borcer’s wish to bequeath the money to the University's science departments. Scahill said Borcer had a real affection for Xavier, as did his mother, from whom he inherited most of his wealth. Borcer was a regular donor to the annual fund and had no children or living relatives.

Other than a few specific bequests of money and property to his friends and undergraduate alma mater, Borcer’s will proclaimed that the “rest and residue of estate and trust assets less any expenses are directed to Xavier University, Science Department.”

So why the sciences? According to friend and estate executor Mark Kalb, Borcer was interested in giving his estate to a school but not specifically for scholarships. When Borcer asked for advice, Kalb suggested giving to the science departments since Kalb himself was a “science nut” as a child.

Borcer graduated with a bachelor's in history from Maryville College in 1936 before starting a television repair company in the early 1950s. After receiving his master’s from Xavier, Borcer taught at Covington Catholic High School, Our Lady of Angels High School and Woodward High School.

Borcer lived in Lebanon, Ohio until his Alzheimer’s disease required constant care. In 2001, he moved into Kalb’s home.