Urban League places five students in campus jobs

Career-oriented positions help shape emerging workforce and provide potential employees | June 22, 2004

This summer, the Urban League of Greater Cincinnati, which trains and places students at local businesses, has matched five students with Xavier for an eight- to 10-week internship. Students work around campus in career-oriented jobs while earning full-time wages.

“This gives them a step up so that when they’re looking for a job they can say ‘I’ve got those skills and this is how I received them,’” said Beverly Hardy, director of youth services at the Urban League. “It makes them that much more marketable in today’s society.”

Students range in age, and are placed based on career interest, transportation needs, location, availability and level of skill. This year, the Urban League received 500 applicants for its 300 available positions. In addition to Xavier, most take administrative and clerical positions at companies such as Kroger, Lazarus, Cinergy and Time Warner.

Students complete applications through the Urban League and later attend training sessions on how to assess goals, write resumes and understand employer expectations. The Urban League matches the student to a company, but the employer conducts the interview.

The program, started in 2002, includes more than 50 local companies. “The benefit to employers is that they have a potential employee, and they’re improving the quality of the emerging workforce,” said Hardy.

For more information on the Urban League of Cincinnati, visit http://www.gcul.org