Leadership conference held at the Cintas Center

Local high school students learn the skills needed to lead others | October 28, 2002

The center for career and leadership development is bringing together high school students from around the region on Tuesday, Oct. 29, at 8:00 a.m. for a High School Leadership Conference. The event, which is being held in the Cintas Center, provides the students with an opportunity to learn about leadership and to interact with their peers from other area high schools. Upperclass students along with faculty and administration team up to lead educational sessions, small group activities and large group interactive discussions. Using faculty, administrative staff and student leaders, the program develops leadership skills through presentations, discussions and reflection on personal leadership potential. The day includes two small group sessions and a group activity, which are designed to help students discover new ways to be effective, motivational and inclusive within their leadership roles. A special program was designed for professionals attending the event to discuss and share ideas about leadership. For more information, call 513 745-3662.