Jim Ray Journal Sixth Installment

Jim Ray rides across America Day 21 | May 24, 2004

DAY 21
I can't believe we are only 85 miles away from St. Augustine, Fla. What an incredible journey, and in one more day we will have reached our goal–coast to coast from San Diego, Cal., to St. Augustine, Fla. When we started this journey, I thought we were insane. Now I realize that lofty goals can be achieved with a lot of hard work and rock-solid determination.  

We started the day early because the Florida heat and humidity can be brutal. Our goal today was to get to Lake City, Fla., and we made it without incident. We ditched the Adventure Cycling maps again and opted for the straight shot via Highway 90. This probably saved us a day of riding. The drawback was the traffic on Highway 90 was intense and, at times, there was very little shoulder to ride on. It was worth it, however, to save a day of riding. Whoever said there were no hills in Florida was badly mistaken. We had rolling hills all day as the pictures will show. I didn't find any animals or trains to take pictures of today, so you're stuck looking at pictures of Jim.

Tomorrow we will again start early to beat the Flordia heat and roll into our final destination, St. Augustine. You can't imagine the sense of accomplishment. We wish you could all be there to meet us and help us celebrate.

We have enjoyed the ride and the support of our family, friends, co-workers, employers and others in the Cincinnati area. Enjoy today's pictures.

The final journal installment wraps up the trip in St. Augustine.