Community Building Institute helps train new Cincinnati police officers

New community police partnering center focuses on enhancing relations, creating better neighborhoods | April 8, 2004

The Community Building Institute is teaming with the newly formed Community Police Partnering Center to offer training for more than 60 Cincinnati police officers. The training took place on Tuesday, April 6, at the Cintas Center.

The Partnering Center is composed of police officers and community organizers who are focused on enhancing community-police relations to create safer neighborhoods. The center is part of the community problem-oriented policing concept, which was designed to tackle the community problems by partnering city employees and residents. Under the direction of Cincinnati police, the concept utilizes a process of Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment (SARA) to resolve the city's problems.

"I think it is a great opportunity and I applaud the police department for their openness and cooperation," said Steve Driehaus, consultant to CBI.

Driehaus also said the training includes techniques in asset-based community development, fundamentals of community organization and the coordination of these development techniques within the SARA problem-solving model.

"I think this is a very tangible step in the right direction as we attempt to build a safer environment in our neighborhoods," said Driehaus. "We are talking here about creating safe environments through open collaboration and partnerships. That's much different than simply enforcing the law."

The Community Building Institute is a partnership of Xavier University and United Way to advance asset-based community development strategies for community-building and neighborhood revitalization.