City manager Valerie Lemmie speaks on campus

Meeting with financial executives to update the city’s employment, development and budget issues | April 1, 2004

Cincinnati City Manager Valerie Lemmie is the keynote speaker for the Cincinnati chapter of the Financial Executives International meeting on Tuesday, April 20, at the Cintas Center.

Lemmie is presenting an update on the city to the chapter’s members. Her update includes the current conditions of the city’s employment, downtown and neighborhood development, budget issues and the chapter’s partnership with Cincinnati Public Schools among other issues.

Lemmie is the city’s chief administrative officer responsible for 15 city departments, more than 6,000 full-time employees and an operating budget of $1 billion. Prior to coming to Cincinnati, Lemmie served as the city manager of Dayton, Ohio, and continues as an adjunct professor in the department of public administration at the University of Dayton.

Her work expands outside the city as she has been involved internationally leading seminars in Japan, Korea, Australia, the United Kingdom, Turkey and South Africa. Due to her extensive work internationally, nationally and locally, Lemmie is the recent recipient of awards from Leadership America and the Ohio Department of Development.

The meeting, open only to members of FEI and their guests, begins with a reception at 5:30 p.m. and dinner followed by Lemmie’s presentation.

Financial Executives International is an association of financial executives that advocates for networking, knowledge, advocacy and ethical conduct. According to the Financial Executives International web site, the association houses 86 chapters globally that provide a private forum for senior financial executives to meet people and share common issues.