Paul Knitter attends Interfaith Council of Liberia

Theology professor works to bring peace between Christians and Muslims in war-torn West African nation | February 6, 2004

Paul Knitter, professor emeritus of theology and an internationally known expert on interfaith relations, was invited to participate in a meeting of the Interfaith Council of Liberia, which was held in the West African nation in mid-February. The conference focused on bringing Liberia’s Muslims and Christians together to work for peace in a country ravaged by 14 years of civil unrest.

Although the conference wasn’t political in nature, Knitter says happened at an interesting political juncture that could determine Liberia’s future. During the same week, the United Nations held a conference among developed countries to try to raise money to aid Liberia’s bullet-riddled economy. That aid, Knitter says, is critical for stabilizing the country.

“It’s exciting and a privilege to be going,” he says. “Of course, I’ll be working on the interfaith aspects of the situation. But we’re hoping that the U.N. is going to be able to raise money, and that we’ll be able to get the Muslims and Christians to work together instead of being at one another’s throats.”