Six courses receive grants to invest in community

Hands-on philanthropy becomes part of syllabus for variety of academic disciplines | February 11, 2004

Six University courses are receiving philanthropy grants for the spring semester to become "invested" in one or more community-based organizations related to the subject areas of the courses, which span several academic disciplines.

The instructor of each course is working with his or her students to determine an investment strategy. Goals for each strategy are based on the course's objectives, related community needs, and an evaluation of organizations working to meet those needs.

Each course was awarded $4,000, which includes a $1,000 stipend to the instructor for course development and associated costs, such as travel, printing and advertising the philanthropy component.

The grants were awarded to the following instructors and designated courses: Mary Conway Dato-on, International Marketing; Christina Fisanick, Women, Writing and Rhetoric; Hilreth Lanig, Community Health Nursing; Margery Shupe, History and Systems in Community Counseling; Christopher Chaffee, World Music; and Bob Ahuja, Ethics in Marketing.

Philanthropist Roger Grein is spearheading the program, which is in its second year. Recognizing the analytical and practical experience that students can gain from performing "hands-on" philanthropy, Grein challenges Xavier to offer philanthropy grants across all academic disciplines. This allows each instructor to tailor the award to both meet his or her course objectives and provide a related service component.

At the conclusion of the semester, participating faculty members and students are conducting an awards presentation for community organizations receiving grants. For more information, contact Gene Beaupré at 513 745-4271.