Best of the Best collection featured at McDonald Library

University departments contribute favorite book titles in their disciplines | January 27, 2004

The McDonald Memorial Library is premiering its first "Best of the Best" collection featuring books hand-selected by all departments of the University. The collection was built by professors in the college of arts and sciences, college of social science and Williams College of Business, each of whom recommended titles of significance to students in their respective disciplines.

The collection, displayed in the foyer of the library, does not host typical textbooks. Rather, it showcases books that offer a fundamental understanding of the subject matter to readers who don't have prior extensive knowledge of the field.

JoAnne Young, associate vice president for library services, sparked this idea last year to complement the learning experience in the classroom for students. "We want to highlight the values of reading and learning as a foundation for the educated liberal person," she says.

Working closely with Betty Porter, assistant director of education services, and Anne Davies, education services librarian, the team was able to pull most of the selected titles from the library's vast collection.

The selected titles can be viewed online by visiting the Best of the Best web site. In the right navigation bar, visitors can view books in the fields that interest them by clicking on the appropriate colleges.

Young says that because of the collection's success with students, the "Best of the Best" concept will continue next year, when faculty members across campus select a new group of notable books. Those books currently on display will be returned to the library's shelves at the end of the spring semester.

For more information, contact Betty Porter at 513 745-4830 or JoAnne Young 513 745-3884.