Fourth "Physics in Careers" talk by Meteorologist Tim Hedrick on Friday, January 23, 2004

"Chillin' with Tim" will be delivered by Channel 12 Chief Meteorologist Tim Hedrick on Friday, 1/23/04 at 1:30 pm in Lindner Hall room 103. | January 14, 2004

Meteorologist Tim Hedrick considers himself an engineer of the atmosphere. When Tim attended Iowa State University he attended all of the entry level engineering courses with his engineering buddies and then branched off into thermodynamics and atmospheric physics to capture his Meteorology degree. Everyday forecasting is atmospheric physics and dynamics. Broadcast meteorology lets Tim express his forecast findings to tens of thousands of people each day. Forecasting, however, not broadcasting is still Tim's favorite part of his job. Tim has this to say about his career in broadcasting meteorology, "It's a great career 85% of the time!" What about the other 15%? Join Metoerologist Tim Hedrick on January 23rd to find out about that 15% and if you might enjoy a career in meteorology. If it were warmer outside it would be "Grillin' with Tim;" we will have to settle for "Physics with Tim."

Refreshments will be provided following the talk.