Campus fire safety program takes place

Students learn what to do in case of a fire in their residence hall | September 30, 2002

The University’s third annual fire safety program for students is underway on campus. Nine programs are being held this year. The final programs are on Tuesday, Oct. 1, in the Commons Apartments, and on Wednesday, Oct. 2, in the Villa/Manor and University Apartments. Both begin at 8:00 p.m. With assistance from physical plant, the Cincinnati Fire Department and Xavier Campus Police, students are learning, in a dramatic way, how to protect themselves and escape from a fire in their residence hall. Steve Owen, associate director of physical plant, runs the fire safety program. Hour-long presentations are being held in all student-housing complexes. The fire safety training begins with a 16-minute video, "Get Out and Stay Alive," produced by the U.S. Fire Administration. The video chronicles three fatal college campus fires. While students watch the video, Cincinnati Fire Department staff use a theatrical smoke machine to fill a hallway outside the room with thick smoke. In this simulated fire, the students have to find their way out of the smoke-filled hallway and evacuate the building. After everyone has successfully escaped the building, the students re-group to discuss their experience. In addition, the campus police review the rules and penalties for setting fires or tampering with fire alarm systems in student residences.