Xavier co-sponsors cross-sector partnership session in Washington, D.C.

Networking session is a collaboration with the National Academy of Public Administration | November 11, 2003

Xavier is joining forces with The National Academy of Public Administration to sponsor a networking session titled Cross-Sector Partnerships: Advancing the Work. The session is taking place at the academy’s headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, Nov. 12.

The ultimate goal of the session is to foster a network of organizations that will work collaboratively to promote and facilitate the use of cross-sector collaboration and high-performance partnerships as models for addressing complex issues at every level—national, state, local and neighborhood.

Representatives from more than a dozen organizations are attending the session, among them The Annie E. Casey Foundation, United Way of America, Independent Sector, Council on Foundations and the National League of Cities.

Xavier and the academy expect the session to achieve several critical outcomes. Among their goals are affirming the willingness of organizations to coordinate their efforts; gauging the demand for information, research and learning opportunities related to cross-sector partnerships; identifying specific topics for which information, research and training are most needed; determining the best strategies for conveying this information; and determining the potential for funding and institutions to support this work.

The academy recently published Powering the Future, a tool for encouraging high-performance partnerships based on successful partnership models from across the nation. For more information about the academy, visit www.napawash.org.

Xavier is dually committed to making a significant investment in advancing training, research, networking and information related to cross-sector collaboration.

In recent months, several national organizations focused on civic engagement have given considerable attention to the need for high-performance, civic partnerships across public, private, nonprofit and civic sector lines. Research is being steadily produced about this growing field.

For more information, contact Byron White, director of Xavier’s Community Building Collaborative, at 513 745-3968.