The Blue Blob tackles success

The University's fuzzy mascot finds fame in new television commercials | November 26, 2002

This year's Crosstown Shootout between the men's basketball team and the University of Cincinnati is still two weeks away, but the previews for it have already begun, including several television commercials that include a surprise star from the University—the Blue Blob. The previously anonymous, kid-friendly mascot with the big eyes, cotton ball nose and goofy grin is getting his 15 minutes of fame 30 seconds at a time. During last year's Crosstown Shootout, the Blob got tackled by Theo Nelson after Nelson won $1 million by making a basket during a halftime contest sponsored by Skyline Chili. Nelson then went into a wild sprint of happiness around the court that ended with a collision with the Blob, who was standing by watching the action. That joyous meeting is now being featured in several Skyline commercials. The current issue of Xavier magazine takes a look at the commercial, the Blob's overnight success and the biggest benefit of all—Skyline's purchase of a new Blob costume.