Jump Start Your Way To College

Program for high school students provides hands-on experience | September 3, 2003

The Jump Start science program “Getting on Your Nerves,” introduced high school students to some of the pre-med science subjects studied at Xavier. For the summer 2003 session, we had 13 students from all over the USA. We started with a very enlightening field trip to the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Then the classes, taught by faculty in biology, chemistry and physics, used a combination of lecture and lab activities to explore the three disciplines of science and see how they are integrated in medicine. The topics included the Anatomy of the Nervous System, Cell Membranes, Cells and Electricity, Chemical Communication between Nerve Cells, Anatomy and Physiology of Sensory Systems, Chemistry of Life, Shapes of Molecules and Medicines, Enzymes, Electrical Circuits, and Optics. The students also learned about “How to be a Successful Pre-Med Student” from our coordinator for pre-professional health advising. With all that work, though, there was still plenty of time for field trips to the local zoo and museum, as well as a service learning experience with Habitat for Humanity—a very well-rounded view of what it’s like to be a Xavier student!