Volleyball team offers fans a look behind the scenes

Online letters allow fans a glimpse inside camp and team members’ minds as they prepare for season | August 18, 2003

What's it like preparing for a Division I college volleyball season? Members of the University's volleyball team offer a glimpse into their preparation for the 2003 season through an online team journal-writing project they call "letters from camp."

Eight players began writing daily diaries on the team's web site on Wednesday, Aug. 13, sharing reflections on their preseason practices and insights into the development of the team as a whole. The players continue their journaling through Friday, Aug. 22, one week before the team opens its season against the University of Maryland-Baltimore County in the Jacksonville University Tournament in Jacksonville, Fla.

The journals include details of the varied practice strategies—including swimming, yoga, running and lifting—that help players condition for the busy season. On a more personal level, the journals offer fans the chance to experience the contagious enthusiasm of the players.

To read the letters from camp, visit the team's web page.

For this fall’s complete schedule, visit the athletics web site.