David West drafted 18th by New Orleans in NBA draft

West becomes 32nd Xavier player drafted into the NBA, ninth Musketeer to play in NBA since 1993 | June 27, 2003

David West, the University's first national player of the year, was selected as the 18th pick in the National Basketball Association draft on Thursday, June 26, by the New Orleans Hornets.

"It [the draft] wasn't hyped up for me because I knew I wasn't going top 10 unless someone was crazy," West told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "To go to a winning team that was in the playoffs and compete at the top level, that's nice."

"David West is a guy that I am truly excited about," said Hornets coach Tim Floyd. "I didn't know an awful lot about a lot of these guys in the draft, some of the early entries and a lot of the European players that were in this draft, I didn't know much at all. But unless you're living in a cave, you know who this guy is...I think he's going to be excited about getting in here and showing people that he should've been taken earlier. I think he's a great selection."

"We're happy with the guy that we got. He's going to be able to play right now," said Hornets general manager Bob Bass. "He is a far better offensive player than [Charles] Oakley. He is way heads and shoulders above him."

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