Message from the President

President Michael J. Graham, S.J. speaks on war | March 20, 2003

Message from the President: At this very difficult time in our nation and our world, I ask members of the Xavier University family to come together as people of faith and extend prayers to all those in harm's way. Please remember the people of Iraq, who will feel the direct impact of this war. We pray for all members of our military, especially Xavier students, staff and alumni. We pray for other members of the Xavier family who may be living, working or studying in the affected region. We pray for each other, students, faculty and staff here on campus. May we join together, relying on our faith and the goodness of our God as well as the goodness in each of our hearts, to see us through this time of crisis. We also pray for world leaders, asking God to give them wisdom, compassion and guidance. We pray for innocent people in Iraq, the United States and throughout the world. We pray for a quick end to this conflict and a peaceful life for all people as a result. Please know that all of you will be in my own thoughts and prayers during this time. Michael Graham, S.J. President Xavier University