Xavier Project Documents the Living History of Evanston through Photos and Video

April 19, 2013

Celebrating Everyday Evanston is a project where Evanston community members share personal recollections and photos of their lives in the under-documented community of Evanston. Annexed to Cincinnati in 1903, Evanston was the home of King Records (1540 Brewster Ave) and Doris Day (3475 Greenlawn Avenue), among other things.

On April 13, members of the Evanston community were asked to bring their photographs and memories to the Evanston Recreation Center to celebrate their neighborhood’s history. Xavier scanned the photographs and recorded the residents’ recollections about the events behind the pictures and their lives in Evanston. The pictures and the accompanying recording are part of the “Everyday Evanston” blog, a permanent and easily accessible archive of community history. Participants' photographs were taken to further document the history.

The Evanston residents interviewed so far are:
• Robert O’Neal
• Charlesine Blalark
• Carmel Kindell
• William Monroe
• Lula Monroe
• Irma Tillory
• Arthur Whitmire
• Annie Whitmire
• Morgan Deane

The interviews can be seen here.

The project was coordinated by Xavier University faculty members Jonathan Gibson (Art) and Christine Anderson (History) with support from Xavier’s Eigel Center for Community-Engaged Learning, Sean Rhiney, director.