The PPP program features the best of Xavier University?s faculty. Although engaged in research and in an array of professional organizations, our faculty is first and foremost dedicated to teaching. With small classes, PPP students have the opportunity to work closely with their teachers and to fully benefit from their expertise. Below is a complete list of participating faculty.

Dr. E. Paul Colella

Founding Director, Professor of Philosophy

  • Since he founded the program in 19XX, Dr. Colella's involvement is crucial to the program's success and character. Among other responsibilities, Dr. Colella handles admissions and the application process, advises current students, and teaches philosophy courses to first-year students and in summer abroad trips in Rome.
  • Dr. Colella always participates in the main events of the program; each year he gives a speech at the PPP retreat and attends the trip to Washington, DC.

Dr. Gene Beaupre

Director for Government Relations, Assistant Director of PPP

  • Students in the Philosophy, Politics & the Public honors program owe much of their understanding of politics to Dr. Beaupre. Through his experiences in the political realm and his compassion?both for politics and his students?he helps students better understand the public at the local, state and federal levels.
  • Along with Dr. Fairfield, Professor Beaupre teaches the sophomore block of the program. The fall semester focuses on current election campaigns; in the spring semester, the class advocates for specific legislative issues and culminates in a trip to Washington, DC.
  • Dr. Beaupre has helped numerous students to not only find internships and campaign opportunities but succeed in them.
  • Professor Beaupre advises many students on potential career paths, and he also also plays a major role in planning the annual PPP retreat.

Dr. John Fairfield

Professor of History

  • Although (or perhaps because) Dr. Fairfield grew up in the suburbs, he developed an early fascination with cities, first kindled on youthful excursions to Wrigley Field, Comiskey Park, and, somewhat later, Shea and Yankee Stadiums. He lived and worked in New York City after graduation from college, first at a law firm and then as a taxi driver, experiences which cemented his love of and curiosity about cities. As a student of the late Christopher Lasch, he likes to think he's developed a populist approach to cities, one concerned with the seedbeds of civic virtue and the ways in which the mind and character of the citizen are formed.
  • Over the past five years, much of his teaching has been in Xavier?s Philosophy, Politics, and the Public honors program which has also deepened his engagement with cities. In particular, his course on ?constructing the public? focuses on cities and civic life and is paired with Professor Gene Beaupre?s "Mass Media and Politics," a hands-on, practical exercise in civic participation.
  • Dr. Fairfield has also developed an interdisciplinary seminar on the theme of green urbanism.

Dr. Steven Frankel

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Dr. Alexandra Korros

Professor of History

  • Professor Korros teaches PPP students during both semesters of their freshman year: PHIL 133: European History I and PHIL 134: European History II.
  • Then for the rest of the students' careers at Xavier, Professor Korros works with them on individual projects and with the many students in the program who double-major in history. She advises several PPP students who add a history major, and on several occasions she has worked with  students on their senior theses.
  • Korros always moderates the panels for PPP senior theses. She takes great pride and joy in hearing the students whom she met as freshmen present their culminating work as seniors. 

Dr. Gabriel Gottlieb

Assistant Professor of Philosophy

  • Dr. Gottlieb has been in charge of the PPP senior thesis class for multiple years (PHIL 399). With his guidance, students pick research topics and learn new research and writing skills.


Dr. Stephen Paul O'Hara

Assistant Professor of History

  • In the past, he has taught crucial PPP classes such as "Writing in the Public," (HIST 300) and the seminar course "Constructing the Public" (HIST 408). His expertise is in modern US history.



Dr. Julia O'Hara

Associate Professor of History

  • Dr. O?Hara is a specialist in Latin American history and has conducted research on the intersections of religion, race, and national identity in modern Mexico. She regularly teaches a two-semester introductory survey of Latin American history from pre-Columbian times to the present. Her upper-level offerings include courses on Mexican, Brazilian, and Central American history, as well as topical courses such as gender and sexuality in Latin American history. Many of her current and former students have put their classroom learning to practical use by participating in Xavier?s many opportunities to study abroad, including the Service Learning Semester in Nicaragua and the summer program in Cuernavaca, Mexico.
  • In addition to teaching several PPP elective courses in the field of history, Dr. O'Hara has also moderated for senior thesis presentations.

Dr. Rachel Chrastil

Associate Professor of History

  • Dr. Chrastil teaches PPP students in elective courses including "Modern Paris," "The French Revolution," "France and Germany 1918-1945," and "The Great War."
  • Chrastil has mentored senior theses on the public during the French Revolution and on the reception of the film Marie Antoinette.
  • She has also contributed to the Writing in Public course and has been a faculty tutor.

Dr. John Ray

Associate Professor of Political Science

  • Dr. Ray has taught PPP students before in courses such as POLI 350, "Political Theory and the American Regime." In the spring of 2012, Dr. Ray will be teaching the junior PPP students in a course called "Tocqueville and the Democratic Public." This course is required in combination with Dr. Frankel's "Revolution and its Aftermath" course, PHIL 399. He also accompanies PPP students on the annual trip to Paris, France with Dr. Frankel.

Dr. Michelle Brady

Associate Professor of Philosophy

  • Dr. Brady's research and teaching are in ethics and political philosophy, with a particular emphasis on the relation between ancient and modern thought in these fields. She has published on Plato, Aristotle and John Locke, and she is currently working on the implications of Locke?s account of education for his political thought.
  • In addition to teaching departmental courses in ethics, political philosophy and early modern philosophy, she has introduced new courses on philosophy and literature and on the nature of human desire, both of which explore issues in moral education. She has also developed a course on Locke?s moral psychology. Many of Dr. Brady's courses qualify as electives for the PPP honors program.
  • Dr. Brady has advised students for their senior theses, and she also helps with the program's exit interviews.

Dr. Tyrone Williams

Professor of English, Gender & Diversity Studies

  • Tyrone Williams teaches literature and theory at Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is the author of three books of poetry, c.c. (Krupskaya Books, 2002), On Spec (Omnidawn Publishing, 2008) and The Hero Project of the Century (The Backwaters Press, 2009). A prose eulogy is forthcoming from Hooke Press in 2011. He has completed a manuscript of poetry commissioned by Atelos Books.
  • Dr. Williams teaches English electives for the program.

Dr. Nancy Bertaux

Professor of Economics

  • Nancy Bertaux holds a PhD and MA in Economics from the University of Michigan, and she has worked at the Urban Institute, the Inter-American Foundation, and the Department of Navy in Washington DC, as well as General Electric Co. in Cincinnati. She has published over 30 articles in scholarly journals and books on issues of international economic development, workforce diversity, economic thought, and economic history.
  • Professor Bertaux teaches courses in economics at the undergraduate and MBA levels, including honors and service learning courses. She has taught in Xavier?s honors summer program in London and is currently teaching in Xavier?s summer program in Ireland.
  • She is always enthusiastic about teaching her seminar in the History of Economic Thought, a PPP elective, where students read original works (including economic, philosophical and political writings) of Adam Smith, John Stuart Mill, Karl Marx and John Maynard Keynes. Also of interest to many PPP students is Natural Resource Economics, which she plans to teach in Spring 2012.

"As time goes on, the teachers chip away at us and polish us down into model students and individuals deeply involved in community and city life."
- Josh Arthur, '11


Dr. Gene Beaupre

Director for Government Relations, PPP Honors Program

  • (513) 745-4271