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Dr. José María Mantero

Dr. José María Mantero

Professor, Spanish

Professor - Spanish, Modern Language & International Economics Program

ML 5184
806 Schott Hall

Phone: (513) 745-4395

Fax: (513) 745-1955


  • BA (1987), MA (1992), Ph.D. (1996), The University of Georgia

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First Year at Xavier University:



Latin American prose and poetry, specifically Central American poetry and testimonial/autobiographical prose.


José María Mantero is a Professor of Spanish. He has published a book on the Argentinean writer Marta Traba (La voz política de Marta Traba. Madrid: Endymión, 1995 [The Political Voice of Marta Traba), an anthology of recent Nicaraguan poetry (Nuevos poetas de Nicaragua (Antología). El Ferrol: Esquío, 2004 [New Poets of Nicaragua.(Anthology)] and numerous journal articles on Nicaraguan literature that center on the creation of a (intra)national identity through poetry and autobiographical texts such as testimonials or memoirs. He presently continues to research Nicaraguan literature, particularly texts that have contributed to the mythification and/or the formation of a national identity.

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