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Ms. Jordanne Renner

Ms. Jordanne Renner

Adjunct Faculty, Art Department

ML 7311
190a Cohen Center

Phone: (513) 745-3811

Fax: (513) 745-1098

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  • BFA, MFA (Ohio State University)

First Year at Xavier University:





Jordanne Renner is an artist based in Ohio. Although the majority of her art has an underlying theme of female identity, it crosses a plateau, onto which both men and women can relate. Jordanne's works investigate the parallels between object casting and photography, in that both capture a trace of the subject. Questions that interest her include the idea of authenticity and of reproduction in the postmodern construction of the Self and identity. She is inspired and lives by the words of Wade Davis, in that "What ultimately inspired these journeys was a restless desire to move...Simply put, I seek escape from a monochromatic world of monotony, in hope that I might find in a polychromatic world of diversity the means to rediscover and celebrate the enchantment of being human..."

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