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Dr. Brenda Levya-Gardner

Dr. Brenda Levya-Gardner

Chair, Leadership Studies and Human Resource Development Department

Chair, Leadership Studies and Human Resource Development Department - Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies (Ed.D.)

Chair, Leadership Studies and Human Resource Development Department, Associate Professor & Director - Human Resource Development Program

ML 3211
100A Hailstones Hall

Phone: (513) 745-4287

Fax: (513) 745-1052


  • PhD (Missouri-Columbia)
  • MA (Southern California-Washington, DC)
  • BLA (Providence)

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First Year at Xavier University:



Group and team behavior, applying organizational concepts to the classroom, innovate teaching methods


Brenda has been with Xavier University as director and faculty since the HRD Program's inception in 1992. She is also Chair of the Department of Leadership Studies & Human Resource Development.  She co-designs and co-teaches many of the courses in the HRD program, including Developing the Adult Learner, Behaving in Organizations, and Applying & Designing HRD Research. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri-Columbia, her Master of Public Administration from University of Southern California--Washington, DC Public Affairs Center, Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies from Providence College, and Associate of Science from Bryant College, Smithfield, RI.

Brenda was formerly with the University of Missouri-Columbia as an assistant professor, director of graduate studies, director of extension, director of the Missouri Training Institute, and director of training. She has been a management training specialist and management consultant with a large quaisi-federal organization in Washington, DC; a coordinator of training with a national nonprofit organization, and a director of a criminal prosecution center with a state attorney general's office.

Brenda has been on the Board of Directors for the Academy of Human Resource Development and was co-chair of the Membership Committee. Brenda's research and teaching interests center around group and team behavior, applying organizational behavior concepts to the classroom, and innovative teaching methods in training and academic settings. She has published in journals such as Innovative Higher Education, and the Journal on Excellence in College Teaching, Workforce Education Forum, and Journal on Education for Business. She and Sharon Korth have chapters in the 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999 "Team & Organization Development and Performance Sourcebooks" edited by Mel Silberman.

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