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Ms. Kathy Tehrani

Ms. Kathy Tehrani

Teaching ProfessorInstructor, Biology

ML 4331
105-A Albers Hall

Phone: (513) 745-3494

Fax: (513) 745-1079


A full time laboratory instructor, Ms Tehrani teaches General Biology Lab I, Anatomy & Physiology Lab I, Introduction to Life Sciences Lab (Education majors), Vertebrate Anatomy Lab and Life Labs for the non-science major. Before coming to Xavier, Ms. Tehrani conducted research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center in the Division of Nephrology. Her research involved several aspects of kidney function at the molecular level and focused on protein markers and their function during renal ischemia and reperfusion, observing the activity of an enzyme during the cell cycle in renal injury. As a graduate student, Kathy conducted environmental assessment surveys in southern Kentucky for the EPA and was part of a project that manipulated wetland ecosystems to observe the effect of phosphorus enrichment and the phytoplankton community in a karst temporary wetland in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Ms Tehrani has taught courses in Concepts of Biology, Environmental Science, and Evolution at Cincinnati State Technical & Community College and Wilmington College-Cincinnati.

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