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Dr. Charles J. Grossman

Dr. Charles J. Grossman

Professor, Biology

Director, Manatee Research

ML 4331
109 Albers Hall

Phone: (513) 745-2057

Fax: (513) 745-1079


  • BA, MS, MBA, PhD (University of Cincinnati)

First Year at Xavier University:



Immunology, Endocrinology,Physiology


Currently, Dr. Grossman teaches Immunology and Methods of Biological Research (Senior Research) for Biology Department majors and Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Advanced Physiology and Life: Current Topics for non-majors.

Dr. Grossman has 22 years of bench research in the area of Immno-endocrinology and has published many papers in this area. Most recently he has begun to study the acoustic sensitivity of the manatees at the Cincinnati Zoo. This study is designed to learn if untrained manatees can respond to various frequencies of sound and if they can also directionally locate the sound source. The study group consists of senior Biology students, as well as Steve Herbert, Ph.D, Dept. of Physics; Dave Flaspohler, Ph.D, Dept. of Math, Jeff Johnson, WVXU radio, Dan Bellman, Audiovisual and the staff at Manatee Springs (Cincinnati Zoo). The plan is to continue these studies over the next several years. More information can be found at Manatee Research

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