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Dr. Margo J. Heydt

Dr. Margo J. Heydt

Chair, Associate Professor - Social Work Department

ML 7372
156 Cohen Center

Phone: (513) 745-3244

Fax: (513) 745-3220


  • BA, MSW, Women's Studies Certificate, Ed.D.

First Year at Xavier University:



Psychotherapy, Qualitative Research, Women’s Studies, Community Organizing


Dr. Margo Heydt, Associate Professor of Social Work, received her MSW from West Virginia University in 1980, her Women's Studies certificate from the University of Cincinnati in 1987, and her Ed.D. in counseling from the same in 1994. She has been a faculty member in the Social Work Department at Xavier University since 1997 in which she has taught several courses including Theory & Methods I, Social Institutions, and Addictive Behavior. Along with Dr. Marie Giblin of the Theology Department, Dr. Heydt developed and team teaches the interdisciplinary Religion, Ethics, and Professional Practice course. As an invited participant in the Oxford Round Table forum in England, Dr. Heydt presented "Substance Abuse & Sexual Child Abuse: Intersections in Treatment & Training" in March, 2008. In 2006, Dr. Heydt presented a paper at the "Jesuits & Feminists" conference held at Fairfield University in Connecticut about the role of women in the history of the Jesuit Catholic religious order. Dr. Heydt co-wrote the paper with Dr. Sarah Melcher of the Theology Department, after they participated in an Ignatian pilgrimage to Spain and Rome. A shorter version of that paper, "Mary, the Hidden Catalyst: Reflections from an Ignatian Pilgrimage to Spain and Rome," can be read online at the Jesuit Identity Homepage of the Division of Mission and Identity of Xavier University. Another recent publication described methods of developing conscious use of self and cultural competence in social work students. Issues such as violence against women, sexual child abuse, and addiction have been long time specialties for Dr. Heydt in her practice as well as teaching and research.

Research Interests: Sexual Child Abuse and Other Violence Against Women and Children, Addictions, Professional Practice Ethics

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