Thomas Hayes, Ph.D.

  • Dean, Administration - Williams College of Business
  • Dean, College Administration

First Year at Xavier University:



  • BS, MBA, MBA, Ph.D (University of Cincinnati)


Marketing of Higher Education and Services Marketing


"I chose to view my life as a multi-faceted creation of my wildest dreams."

Tom Hayes is Dean of the Williams College of Business at Xavier University where he has taught for the last forty years. He has also previously served as Chair of the Department for a total of seventeen years and as the Director of Institutional Advancement.  He is a founding partner of Simpson-Scarborough, a full service marketing consulting agency for institutions of higher education (now retired). He was the founder of the American Marketing Association's Symposium on the Marketing of Higher Education and is editor of The Journal of Marketing for Higher Education. He had a book entitled Marketing Professional Services, co-authored with Philip Kotler, published in January 2001. He is a nationally recognized expert in services marketing, the marketing of higher education, and the development of ideas for new products and services, and consults in these areas on a national and international basis. Dr. Hayes received a Bachelor's degree in Psychology as well as M.B.A. in Marketing at Xavier University. He also received an M.B.A. in Organization Behavior and a Ph.D. in Marketing from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Hayes sat on the Board of the Cincinnati Chapter of the American Marketing Association for ten years, including serving as its President in 1989-1990 and was voted Member of the Year for the period of 1991-1992. Tom served as Vice President of the Services Division of the American Marketing Association in 1994. He served as Vice President of the Marketing Management Council of the AMA in 1997-1998. He has served on the faculty of the CASE Summer Institute for Communication and Marketing and has sat on CASE’s Commission on Communications and Marketing. He was awarded an ACE Fellowship for the 2004-2005 academic year which he served at Kenyon College. Tom completed the Society for College and University Planning’s certification program on strategic planning for higher education and now teaches in the program.

Tom also authored two books that were published by CASE.  The first was University Marketing Mistakes: 50 Pitfalls to Avoid (co-authored with Roy Adler and the second, Marketing Colleges and Universities, A Services Perspective won the Alice Beeman Award for contributions to the field.

Tom is a founding member of the Forum for Higher Education Marketing, a group of thought leaders and practitioners dedicated to advancing the theory and practice of marketing for colleges and universities.