If I have a bursar hold on my account how do I get it removed?

If your hold is due to an outstanding account balance, you can make a payment online. The hold will be removed from your account the next business day. For payment information, see Ways to Pay.

What is class cancellation and how do I avoid it?

Class cancellation is a process that cancels a student's class registration for a particular semester. This process takes place for several reasons. First, some students will apply to Xavier, enroll in classes, and then decide to attend school elsewhere or not attend at all. Some of these prospective students don't notify Xavier that they won't be attending. Therefore, the only way to identify these students and to free-up classroom seats for students who are attending Xavier is to cancel the class registrations for students who have not made any attempt to pay their student account balance. Secondly, class cancellation can act as a tool for keeping students current on their bursar account and insuring that there will be no financial roadblocks to registering for subsequent semesters. The cancellation process typically occurs twice in the Fall and may take place in the Spring and Summer semesters. If your classes do get cancelled, once you take care of your financial situation, you can re-register for classes but there is no guarantee that you will be able to get the same schedule of classes that you had prior to cancellation.

To avoid being cancelled, be sure to pay your balance in full or enroll in the X-Flex Payment Plan and make on-time payments as they are outlined in the payment schedule. You can always accelerate your payment plan by paying it off faster with no penalty.

To learn more about class cancellation, view the official Class Registration Cancellation Policy.